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Wed Aug 16 10:31:59 UTC 1995

Sorry, what's the original question?

really, we have a great experience with gated and PC based routers there...

>   At 11:00 AM 8/15/95, Dave Siegel wrote:
>   >Let's excuse the fact that gated consumes more memory than a cisco for the
>   >same amount of routes for a second...
>   >
>   >Okay, so let's talk functionality.
>   >
>   >Are there HSSI PCI cards available?  Can you do SMDS over this card?  Frame?
>   >What about a DS3 ATM card, or higher?
>   And Paul Traina wrote something vaguely similar.
>   I think you guys are both missing what I think was Jon's original point:
>   Routers forward packets faster than PCs, but the forwarding function and
>   the routing protocol function do not have to reside on the same box.  You
>   can add a PC (workstation, whatever) which runs the routing protocol and
>   stuffs routes into the router.  It doesn't have to support the link-layer
>   du jour.  Ethernet will do the job just fine.
>   As I recall the original discussion was of colocating a router, to forward
>   packets, with a workstation, to compute routes.
>   --John

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