Tony Li tli at
Wed Aug 16 08:31:43 UTC 1995

   If you router is non-expandable then bitch to your supplier, be they
   Cisco, Bay, the-guy-down-the-road-in-the-garage - anyone.

I see we still have an education problem.  Sigh.

The intrinsic problem is that the routing table is growing faster than
we can develop bigger routers.  It's not just us.  It's growing faster
than the computer industry can grow memory either.  [The computer
industry doubles memory sizes every two years or so.  The routing
table doubles every nine months.]

   BTW - I have not studied the RFC's - so what will IPv6 do for us in
   the contect of routeing aggregation and latger boxes etc ?

Absolutely Nothing.  You end up back at hierarchical routing.  IPv6
gets you a bigger address space, so it actually hurts in that it takes
more memory to store a prefix.


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