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Wed Aug 16 08:13:10 UTC 1995

> That's why we want to deploy CIDR.  So we're not caught in this
> bind...

That's back to the mainstream discussion now. I would hope we all
realise that CIDR is a sticking plaster and not the ultimate solution
to the possible problems in the future ? I am certainly of that mind,
and I think that "the CIDR working group" and all of us out here
should not become the "Cisco workaround comittee".

If you router is non-expandable then bitch to your supplier, be they
Cisco, Bay, the-guy-down-the-road-in-the-garage - anyone.

BTW - I have not studied the RFC's - so what will IPv6 do for us in
the contect of routeing aggregation and latger boxes etc ?

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