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Wed Aug 16 07:59:43 UTC 1995

> Let's excuse the fact that gated consumes more memory than a cisco for the
> same amount of routes for a second...

HA HA HA HA. Sorry, had to laugh. Is my PCI Pentium limited to 64Mb RAM
and can only carry ~30k routes? No. Architechture first, penis length
second. Memory is only relevant if you can use it efficiently. Same
for CPU.

> Okay, so let's talk functionality.
> Are there HSSI PCI cards available?  Can you do SMDS over this card?  Frame?
> What about a DS3 ATM card, or higher?  

I agree, this is where "real" routers are required. However, by the time
you can afford the high bandwidth connections you can most definately
afford the routers. So the argument goes away. For a T1 line or Ethernet,
especially locally in the US (not here) the cost of the router *outweighs*
the cost of the line, and so commercial decisions will be made based on
router cost.

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