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Ok, so you could not use a proxy server unless you Ogot some other NSP to 
set up a server also? Is this correct? I want to set up a MAE-East 
connection, I have a 4000 and only 16 megs or ram. Would I be able to set 
up a PC as a route server and not need 64 megs or ram in my router? 

Tue, 15 Aug 1995, Nicolas Williams wrote:

> Dave Siegel previously wrote:
> >> As I recall the original discussion was of colocating a router, to forward
> >> packets, with a workstation, to compute routes.
> >So what would the normal implementation of such a design be?  ebgp-multihop
> >all of your peers into the PC, and then a single peering session the Cisco,
> >presuming no "next-hop-self" routes?
> No. Colocated BGP4 "proxies" (I'm still not sure what to call these,
> anyone?) would peer via EBGP with other ASes BGP4 "proxies" on the same
> net. The next_hop BGP4 attribute on all routes exchanged would be that
> of the routers on the high speed interconnect, not of the "proxies."
> ASes that do not implement this would still peer via EBGP
> router-to-router as usual and would not see the "proxies;" eventually
> everyone would move towards having "proxies" or else router vendors
> would beef up their products, either way, we're all happy.
> >I can see some amount of value in such a design, if it could be made to work
> >correctly.  Does anybody have the spare equipment to build a lab?  (pfeh, yeah,
> >right)
> It would work (see the comment on the next_hop BGP4 attribute above).
> I'm sure there are folk out there that would be willing to experiment,
> all you need is for two ASes to try it at some exchange (and permission
> by the exchange to run the necessary ethernet).
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