Nicolas Williams nmw at
Wed Aug 16 00:00:16 UTC 1995

Tony Li previously wrote:

>   The original post was about making time at the Pittsburg NANOG meeting
>   to talk about solutions to the problem of some exchange routers seeing
>   tens of thousands (even 100x) paths. The size of a full-Internet route
>   table is growing (albeit more slowly than it used to), the number of
>   ASes meeting at the various NAPs and MAEs is increasing, etc. Will the
>   number of paths heard by some routers at the XPs ever be so large that
>   they don't fit in the 7000 or 4500m's 64MB of RAM? Possibly (IMHO,
>   likely). What then? Use lots of filtering to keep the number of paths
>   heard down and lose flexibility?

>Then I ask you to sign a nondisclosure agreement.  ;-)

Oh, then the whole argument is for naught. :)

>We've actually been very good (some say too good) about adding

Yes, Cisco is very good about adding software features and even about
allowing its customers to beta test software.



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