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Jonathan Heiliger loco at MFSDatanet.COM
Tue Aug 15 21:02:13 UTC 1995

On Aug 15,  4:22pm, Nathan Stratton wrote:
> Ok, yes you are correct you can't drop a DS3 into the back of a PC, but
> why not use a 4500 or 7000 for your ds3's and then use a PC to do the
> major BGP4? On a 4500 I only can put in 32 megs or ram. Yes gated will
> use more ram for the same number of routes, but I can put 128 meg or more
> in a PC.
>-- End of excerpt from Nathan Stratton

I don't know if others have mentioned it... but I seem to recall that DEC was
developing a PCI based HSSI interface for PCs.  It also recently surfaced on
one of the zillions of mailing lists.

Granted you'd still need a DL 3100 or Larse Access-T45 to do your DS3 <-> HSSI
stuff though.

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