$320 for a .com domain registration?

Jim Dixon jdd at vbc.net
Sat Aug 12 07:40:08 UTC 1995

On Sat, 12 Aug 1995, Michael Dillon wrote:

> I just finished browsing http://www.britain.eu.net/naming-co/couk-form.html
> which is the registration form for the .co.uk domain. They charge 300 
> pounds for each domain registered, approximately $320 is US funds.
> Comments?

You misunderstand.  If you look more carefully, this Web page has
been put up there by EUnet GB's sales department.  Yes, they charge
you two hundred pounds to register a domain name and provide name
service for a year.  Several other UK providers charge similar fees.
But many US providers also have a standard fee for registering a 
domain name on your behalf and providing name service.

EUnet GB is a private company, one of several British Internet 
providers, not an organization like the Internic.

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