routing meltdown - let's talk at Pittsburgh

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Wed Aug 9 18:42:58 UTC 1995

In message <199508091819.NAA22063 at>, Stan Barber writes:
> Curtis,
> I'd be willing to proxy-moderate if you can't get an asbestos suit.
> I think this is an important issue and certainly should be discussed
> at NANOG.


I think you'd make an excellent moderator.  I'd be particularly
interested in hearing from those that think that the provider
community and/or the IRR or RA is doing things wrong to say precisely
what is being done wrong and what is "the right way".

NANOG is a good place to air these issues/concerns and determine if
there is merit to the complaints, most notably on the CIDRD list, and
if there are some reasonable steps that the providers or registries
could take to improve matters.


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