ATM thruput

Gordon Cook gcook at
Fri Aug 4 04:33:27 UTC 1995

OK, I'll stick my net out and ask as question.  Bill says:

Why this is _should_ be attractive to larger ISPs  :-)  is that it
    means they themselves should actually have to carry less traffic.  If
    they choose to peer with us, they can dump traffic directly into each
    of us via PCH.  If they don't peer with us, they have to use a transit
    carrier (Sprint to reach me, or Net99 to reach Mainstreet, in the 
example above) and pay a settlement to that carrier.

Question:  I thought that at this point sprint, net99, mci, were among 
what i have called the club of 6 who sell transit to smaller folks to 
everywhere else without trying to do settlements between each other?

If I am wrong, would someone please explain in detail why.

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