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Thu Aug 3 09:01:11 UTC 1995

          bmanning at ISI.EDU writes:
        > The 400 local ISP's in the NAP metro area who want a common
        > exchange point among themselves.  They then make a great
        > collective which can bargin with a long-haul carrier for
        > transit.
    That's why we pulled the PCH together last winter, for California-area
    ISPs... T1 access to the SF NAP wasn't available, so we did it all
    through a frame cloud. It's basically all just BGP through Ciscos.
    Seems to work fine.  Just like a big peering point, but little.  :-)
    It was originally our goal to use a collective-bargaining approach to
    try for non-transit peering with MCI, Sprint, etc. over MAE West,
    since we're on the MAE West fiber, but we haven't gotten around to it
    yet, and I'm afraid it may be too late, now.  We've all already got
    long-haul transit taken care of, though, and we're just doing (and
    just looking for) non-transit peering, which is probably the only
    thing that would still make anyone listen to us.
    In case anyone out there is in Pac Bell country and interested in
    joining, we only charge $250/12K CIR/year, and you can get more
    details by mailing me or Chris Alan (calan at
                         -Bill Woodcock

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