US Domain -- County Delegations

Owen DeLong owen at DeLong.SJ.CA.US
Wed Aug 2 16:11:25 UTC 1995

> >i would fear for the interconnects if all seven root servers got 600/sec
> Why?  
>   5 minute input rate 26121000 bits/sec, 13430 packets/sec
>   5 minute output rate 19862000 bits/sec, 12327 packets/sec
> That's one of two connections to a particular (busy) interconnect
> at a pretty quiet time (22:30 EDT Tuesday).  We see 15-minute
> periods of ~35Mbps inbound these days on the same link.
> The interconnects that are based on FDDI and DEC FDDI switches
> are working *beautifully*.  Admittedly the bridging happening
> here and there to accomodate slow connections has occasional
> hiccups which cause nasty side-effects, but that's one of
> the very few flaws in the whole scheme of the MAEs, one NAP,
> and the special hack done at another NAP.
> Say, does anyone know if ATM NAP gear can handle > 20Mbps yet?
> 	Sean.
Given that the majority of traffic headed to RNS's from people not on one
of the nets where there is an RNS (most people as near as I can tell),
crosses the XP's to get to the RNS anyway, I don't see that it would
really change that much.


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