ATM thruput [was Re: US Domain -- County Delegations]

Kent W. England kwe at
Wed Aug 2 16:27:54 UTC 1995

At 6:40 PM 8/1/95, Sean Doran wrote:
>Say, does anyone know if ATM NAP gear can handle > 20Mbps yet?
>        Sean.


I have recent preliminary test results of the cisco AIP across the
Newbridge 36150 (which is the PacBell NAP configuration) that show nearly
full bandwidth TCP throughput. The Kentrox ADSUs are much improved, but
results are preliminary.

I will present more about this next Tuesday at the PacBell NAP Users
meeting in San Ramon, CA, at the next NANOG and eventually on the PacBell
NAP Home Page.


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