US Domain -- County Delegations

Walter O. Haas haas at
Wed Aug 2 00:16:28 UTC 1995

My thinking has evolved away from geographically based names... yes I
know that trademarks, DBAs and so forth are registered by political
jurisdiction which currently means geography, but the Internet is 
erasing geography, and I think that we would be living in the past if
we relied too much on geography in naming.  It might make sense for
"joes-garage" to be a geographically-qualified domain since the market
for automobile repair is likely to be within a few miles of the business,
but my little one-man consulting corporation is located in Salt Lake City
with it's biggest customer in St. Louis.  For a business with essentially
no geographic barriers, such as mine, it doesn't make much sense to 
include geography in the name regardless of where the corporation is 

Just my $0.02 worth...  -- Walt

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