US Domain -- County Delegations

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Tue Aug 1 23:01:47 UTC 1995

In message <9508012156.AA16197 at>, Paul A Vixie writes:
> if we do a mapping/hashing thing, we'll do it in the root servers in a way
> that the clients will not even have to see.  solving the ".COM is full"
> problem from the point of view of the root servers won't require any kind
> of protocol or user visible change.


The point is that people will continue to use their SunOS 3.5,
Xenix286, and BellTechnologies Unix, IDRIS, or whatever archane old
Unix flavor they have and if it has a resolver at all it won't know
the first thing about hashing anything.  Those folks that can't
recompile their applications can type, and do their part
to add a level of hierarchy, but they aren't going to be happy
computing a hash function and typing that in as a DNS name.


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