US Domain -- County Delegations

Paul A Vixie paul at
Tue Aug 1 22:12:34 UTC 1995

(i hope that folks are noticing, appreciating, and planning to emulate my
editing of the headers (i remove all recipients except "nanog").  the happy
result is that each of you gets only one copy of each thing i submit.  the
unhappy alternative is that every time i reply to something on this thread,
i end up getting two copies of all subsequent followups.)

> How does this lighten the load on the root servers?

it means that .COM doesn't have to be a single zone.  which in turn means
that not all the root servers have to carry all the .COM delegations.

it also makes BIND behave better but that's just an implementation issue
and i could fix it in other ways (and will have to fix it in other ways.)

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