US Domain -- County Delegations

Paul Traina pst at
Tue Aug 1 07:39:37 UTC 1995

  >	For a smaller company, or one with less offices, it might make
  >sense for their domain name to be geographical, for example

Excuse me, but both companies mentioned are multinational...even "small"
companies are geographically disparate.

I think we all agree heirarchy==good.

The thing we haven't figured out yet is how to apply that heirarchy in an
inoffensive way.  Geography is not a good choice,  it has the pungent smell
of europe in the 1800's (aka ISO).  ISP would be a good choice if it were
constant and there was a true heirarchy there.

Just to be obnoxious, let me state the ugly obvious programatic mapping...
use the first 2 or 3 letters in the 2nd layer domain name. = = =

Since this is a purely implied and programatic mapping, the particularly
-cute- thing we can do is automagicly map this crud so no user ever has
to see the abomonation "".

We have certainly taken a solid whack at the root DNS server
overload "problem".  The disadvantage is we haven't solved the
namespace collision problem, but I see that as one for the lawyers
to solve, not us bit twiddlers.

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