Non-Routing BGP Speakers

Paul A Vixie paul at
Sat Apr 29 04:01:24 UTC 1995

> Uh.. thruth in advertising time.  There were some radix tree bugs in
> BSD that Dennis found when playing with NetBSD on Sparc and BSDI.  I'm
> not sure if they made it into BSD 4.4Lite, BSDI 2.0, or any DEC OSF
> product.  I think Jeff sent the patches to someone at UCB and to BSDI.
> I think they made BSDI 2.0 but I'd guess not the others yet.
> Better get a more reliable source.  :-)

Yikes.  That may be me.  All of the bad stuff Dennis and Jeff found in
BNR2 (which formed the basis for BSD/OS 1.x) was sent to CSRG and most
of it appeared in 4.4BSD-Lite (which formed the basis for BSD/OS 2.0).
Some additional things have been fixed since then, according to Keith
Sklower and others, and we should see some additional improvements in
4.4BSD-Lite-2, due out any day.

Elise, perhaps Merit should invite Jeff Honig <jch at>
of the GateD Consortium to attend the next meeting and give us an update?
I could sort of do it but I'd be hacking around in the dark -- Jeff 
actually knows what's going on.  It's pretty clear that GateD is an
important tool for North American (and other) Network Operators.

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