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Serpil Bayraktar sbb at
Fri Apr 28 11:37:39 UTC 1995


  >Serpil Bayraktar tells me that ANS upgraded their boxes
  >a while ago.

Yes, gated has a patch to handle the routes now.  ANS routers have been
upgraded on April 22nd.  This patch can be obtained from GateD
Consortium at Cornell.  Here is a copy of my message to bgp mailing

Serpil Bayraktar

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We have deployed a new version of gated on ANS (AS 690) routers over the
weekend.  This version has a fix to handle routes with AS paths that are
modified by Cisco routers via a configuration option in order to make
the path attribute look longer than it actually is.  Gated was
transitioning the bgp session to idle when it recieved such a route.
The patch for this bug can be found in GateD 3.5 Alpha 10 (see message
from GateD Consortium).  Thanks to all service providers for their
cooperation in this matter during the past few weeks.

Serpil Bayraktar
ANS Engineering

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#<text/plain [ GateD 3.5 Alpha 10 Announcement ]
GateD 3.5 Alpha 10 is available for anonymous FTP from as pub/gated/gated-R3_5Alpha_10.tar.Z.

It is also available via e-mail; Send a mail message to
gated-alpha-archive at with a subject line of "send
gated/gated-R3_5Alpha_10.tar.Zus*" or a subject line of "help" for more

And finally GateD is available via Gopher from

If you are reading this message with a MIME-compliant mail reader it
should ask you if you would like to automatically obtain the release
via FTP or e-mail.
#<text/plain [ GateD on the Web ]
For an online look at the GateD documentation, Consortium info and
other information, visit the GateD Consortium Welcome Page with your
favorite WWW browser;
#<text/plain [ Changes for this release ]

[..stuff deleted..]


	BGP was allocating an incorrect transmit buffer size when using
	BGP 4 peers.

	Fixed a gcc warning on some systems.

	The AS path length field was not being properly maintained when
	combining two AS paths. 

	Add support for holdtime negotiation from the latest spec.

	An AS path with consecutive sequences was not handled properly.

[..stuff deleted..]

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