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Sean Doran smd at chops.icp.net
Tue Apr 25 04:04:20 UTC 1995

In message <199504241328.AA13973 at zed.isi.edu>, bmanning at ISI.EDU writes:

| Give it a rest Sean.  Christian is an Operator.  Your only (possibly legit)
| complaint is that he does not represent a North American net...

No, my complaint is that anyone at is held up on this list
as an authority on global Internet routing, especially
people who carry around titles like Route Arbiter or IAB

Any person on this list who claims to be such an authority
et id genus omne is not telling the truth.

This includes my estimable colleagues here and at the other
big five operators, who at least know how routing within
their respective ASes works and generally have some 
knowledge about how various other ASes route in relation to 

There is a huge difference between understanding the BGP
protocol vs. understanding IP routing as found in the
global Internet.


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