refresher - what's happening

Matt Mathis mathis at
Tue Apr 25 02:44:59 UTC 1995

>If there is a catastrophic failure tomorrow morning, Merit
>will advise the ANS NOC to roll back to the previous configuration
>(the one installed on Tuesday morning).
Which Tuesday?

Beware that the ENSS gated announces it's interfaces into the ANS core, even
if there are no E-BGP peers (or for that matter, even if the LAN interfaces
are down).  This means that the planed test will not really idle the ENSS if:
	- There are any services or *clients* on the DMZ itself
		 (mrouted?, DNS?, NTP?, etc)
	- Anybody is remotely monitoring your peers with either snmp or ping.

My observations are based on the FDDI interface of ENSS132, which was
previously attached to a natural class C network.  Physically unplugging the
FDDI did not stop the ENSS from announcing it....

Your mileage may vary.

Good luck,

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