Operations training materials

Geoff White geoffw at nexsys.net
Sun Apr 23 15:37:22 UTC 1995

> On Sat, 22 Apr 1995, Randy Bush wrote:
> > > Not for me, I've done my homework. Unfortunately, I no longer have
> > > many of the "texbooks" nor a coherent record of all my sources of info
> > > so if I wanted to train another person it would be like reinventing the 
> > > wheel. :-(
> > 
> > Well then.  Money meet mouth, mouth money.  Jeez!
> Look Randy, this thread started out with people from Sprint and ANS? 
> talking about the efforts involved in getting new operations people on 
> stream and pointing out that they simply couldn't provide any training 
> for their new ISP customers. 
> What I'm trying to point out is that there is more than one way to skin a 
> cat, i.e. writing a tutorial for the WWW is a far more cost effective 
> training tool than trying to do one-on-one with each new ISP that signs 
> on. My perspective is that of someone who has just climbed most of the 
> steepest part of the learning curve and who has noticed that many of my 
> peers (new ISP's) haven't got a clue and don't know where to find the info.
> I point them at http://www.isoc.org, http://www.merit.edu, 
> http://www.ripe.net and http://www.internic.net but they still have to go 
> rooting around in there looking for the key items in a mass of 
> information that is of lesser utility. There is no map! The source
> documents are nice to have, but without a map you don't even know if you 
> are looking at the right ones!

OK folks, I'll step to the plate (sorta :)
I'll host the site on my website (v-site.net) and act as the co-ordinator,
evaluator, since I haven't climbed completely out of the learning curve
I should be a good evaluator :)

Currently I'm reading this book called "Routing on the Internet" by
Christian Huitema, it's not bad and will explain Interior Routing Protocols
pretty well, it even has a chapter on "policy based routing" but obviously
it is incomplete, still It's a start.

If you send me URL's and other bit's of advice, I'll try to organize it
into a coherent browseable mass.


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