Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Hank Nussbacher HANK at taunivm.tau.ac.il
Thu Apr 20 08:37:47 UTC 1995

On Wed, 19 Apr 1995 18:49:39 -0400 you said:
>>telent info.ripe.net to test it out.
>RIPE database does not control the actual routing.
>I'm not sure the current RADB project has any mention
>of real-time updates of gated from the database.
`With dozens of updates we do every day it nearly as good
>as useless.

CERN (as an example) picks up my routing updates daily and builds its
new access filter based on mine and others routing updates.  I'm not
sure you want realtime updates to the actual routing.  In any event,
it is an improvement over the time lag of NACR updates.

>>It should be secure.
>>I use a password on all AS updates to AS378.
>You call *that* secure?  We have way too many people who
>need to do changes for our AS-es.  Check the contact
>list for AS1800.

You can assign as many users as you wish to control specific ASs.
Currently it checks my email address and password.  No match -
and the maintainer of the AS gets a warning mail about the attempt
to alter the routing within my AS - and I have gotten warning
e-mails already.  Adding in PGP authentication should not be too
hard if it is not done already.

>If i can't implement my existing policy, i cannot use RADB, ok?
>(Well, we _will_ use it -- to talk to people whose announcements
>are loaded with garbadge).  We simply cannot use it to talk
>to major service providers because policies in place cannot
>be represented in RIPE-81.

So speak to the authors and get it improved.



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