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Michael Dillon michael at okjunc.junction.net
Fri Apr 21 20:59:26 UTC 1995

On Fri, 21 Apr 1995, Vadim Antonov wrote:

> >It seems to me that this education is one of the services that small
> >ISPs ought to expect of their national service providers.
> Huh?  Where did you see "education" in terms of service contracts?
> If a person goes in the business it is assumed that (s)he knows
> the profession.  It is certainly not the case for many US-based Internet
> service providers.

In today's world of exponential Internet growth, I don't think it is 
practically feasible to expect any significant percentage of ISP's to
_know_the_business_ before they get into it.

> >Conversely, it seems that the rest of the community ought to expect
> >that national service providers will be responsible for educating
> >their customers, (e.g., ISPs).
> Sounds kind of over-expectant.  Considering that even large service
> providers have real bad problems with finding engineers who know
> what they are doing.

Yes, it is over-expectant to think that the national service providers 
should provide direct one-to-one training for their customers. On the other
hand, as a small ISP who *WANTS* to learn and *WANTS* to know how things 
work before diving in, I must say that it has not been that easy finding 
the written materials at a tutorial level to learn this stuff. I have, 
however, found quite a lot of written materials out there on the net that 
help to some degree.

I know that among ISP's I am the exception rather than the rule and 
although I would like to pass on some of this information to other new 
ISP's through some of the lists we are on, the material I have is not 
well organized enough to easily present it to others. If some of the 
operations folks could scrape together some resources to collect these 
materials into a coherent web site as an introduction to Internet 
operations, I'm sure many ISP's would be grateful for the chance to learn.

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