Config Run on Sunday, April 23 1000EDT

Priscilla Jane Huston phuston at
Sat Apr 22 03:26:07 UTC 1995

Let me add the appreciation of NSF to that from Elise to all of you who
have been taking independent and proactive actions to help assure a smooth
transition both for your regions and others.  Thank you.  Priscilla Huston

At 10:19 PM 4/21/95, Elise Gerich wrote:
>Merit has rescheduled the configuration run which was postponed on
>Friday, April 21, 1995 for Sunday, April 23 at 1000 EDT.  The originally
>scheduled configuration window was postponed because the configuration
>file for ENSS 147 (MAE-East) exceeded 17MB and was corrupt.  We had
>to allocate more filesystem space in order to generate a complete
>configuration and in addition we worked with ASes 293, 297, 568,
>1800 and 3561 to reduce the number of net lists contained in the
>configuration file.  The result is a configuration file of a more
>reasonable size (9.9MB).
>The additional activity which was planned for April 21, 1995 was
>to disable peering sessions between AS 690 and others at the following
>This activity has been rescheduled for 0700 EDT on Tuesday, April 25, 1995.
>Several organizations have taken the initiative to reduce their dependence
>on the NSFNET Service even though we had to postpone the planned configuration
>today.  Thank you all for taking those actions independently.
>         --Elise

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