NACR's and CIDR blocks

Michael Dillon michael at
Thu Apr 20 19:50:04 UTC 1995

On Thu, 20 Apr 1995, Susan Hares wrote:

> >NACRs were so big headache that our implementation people dance
> >around when they hear that there won't be any NACRs.

> We've provided several phone tutorials to those people submitting
> NACRs on CIDR and aggregation.   Over the phone tutorials
> of this material are a little difficult at best.  I even offered to
> discuss this in a meeting here in Ann Arbor, but that offer
> was not accepted.
> Your people seem to rotate through the NACR submission process
> without the benefit of training in CIDR.  I suspect their frustration
> with NACRs has come in part from their lack of understanding.
> In the past 5 months there have been massive changes to the NSFNET/ANSnet
> and to the Internet.  These changes cause stress for us all -
> but lack of training aids unnecessary burdens to us all.

Are you aware of the ACM article by Harald Eidnes available in Postscript 
form at  ?

Does anyone know if there is a WWW site or gopher that has a collection 
of tutorial level documents. For many neophytes RFC's and stuff like the 
PRIDE documents can be somewhat intimidating to dig into.

BTW, I changed prs at up there to rps at ;-))

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