The plan - April 21, 1995

Elise Gerich epg at
Thu Apr 20 22:42:49 UTC 1995

To better clarify which Autonomous Systems will be effected by the
April 21, 1995 action, here is a list of the NSFNET Backbone Service
nodes and the associated Autonomous Systems that will be disabled .

These sessions will be disabled on April 21, 1995 at 0900 EDT. 


City			ENSS#		Associated AS#
Ann Arbor, MI		131		237	MICHnet
					1225	CICnet

Argonne, IL		130		683	Argonne
					1225	CICnet

Boston, MA		134		560	NEARnet
					701	Alternet

Boulder, CO		141		68	Los Alamos
					278	MexNet
					297	NASA
					2648	NIST

Champaign, IL		129		555	MSC
					698	UIRnet
					1225	CICnet

College Park, MD
(FIX-East)		145		293	ESnet
					297	NASA
					568	Milnet
					668	DREN
					2699	DSI
					1800	ICM

Houston, TX		139		114	Sesquinet
					297	NASA
					3354	THEnet

Ithaca, NY		133		174	PSI/NYSERnet
					133	gated testing

Lincoln, NE		140		93	MIDnet

Palo Alto, CA		128		199	BARRnet
					200	BARRnet

Pittsburgh, PA		132		204	PSCnet
					1206	PSCnet

Princeton, NJ		137		97	GES/Jvncnet
					1250	Princeton

Salt Lake City,UT	142		210	Westnet

Seattle, WA		143		685	NorthWestNet
					73	NorthWestNet

San Diego, CA		135		195	SDSC
					1740	CERFnet
					1838	CERFnet
					2150	CSUnet
					22	NOSC

NASA Ames, CA		144		200	BARRnet

The following ASes will disable their sessions with the NSFNET Service
and will reestablish it after a period of time.  These ASes have advised
us that the disabling of their sessions with the NSFNET between 0900
and 1000 EDT on April 21, 1995 will cause reachability and capacity

Champaign,IL		129		1224	NCSA
					38	UIUC

Pittsburgh,PA		132		3577	Prepnet

College Park, MD	145		1800	ICM

Merit has started collecting routing table snapshots from the 
NSFNET Backbone Service and SNMP stats (in/out packets, in/out
bytes), and will continue to do so throughout most of the
day tomorrow.  

If there is a catastrophic failure tomorrow morning, Merit will 
advise the ANS NOC to roll back to the previous configuration (those 
installed Friday morning during the normal configuration window).

If it is determined that problems are isolated to individual autonomous
systems, Merit will enable the sessions with those individual
autonomous systems.

If there are individual routes from many sources which are unreachable,
Merit will designate one emergency configuration time period at
which all of the independent additions will be made.  This time
period will probably be late Friday or early Saturday.

If you are experiencing problems tomorrow after 0900 EDT, please
send mail to merit-ie at, or trouble at ans.noc, or
call 1-800-456-6300.  Merit engineers will be on-call to
address your problems.

Thanks to all of you who have already ceased peering with AS 690,
and to those of you who have worked so hard to meet the April 21, 
1995 deadline.

Hoping not to hear from you tomorrow. :-)

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