Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Vadim Antonov avg at sprint.net
Thu Apr 20 17:48:27 UTC 1995

>From: bmanning at ISI.EDU

avg> RIPE database does not control the actual routing.

>Nor does any other registry today.

Sorry, this is factually wrong.  Merit PRDB does control
ANS routing.  That is the only reason why it is used at all.

avg> I'm not sure the current RADB project has any mention
avg> of real-time updates of gated from the database.
avg> With dozens of updates we do every day it nearly as good
avg> as useless.

>The last customer request was for 5 minute intervals, which
>is well within the existing bounds for BGP convergance time,
>at least as reported by you for at least one Sprint box.

Did i mention that resetting BGP every 5 minutes is a sure way
to KILL internet?

It got to be incremental updates, not the "generate gated config
and then reload it entirely".

>Following Dales comment, each provider may set its own parameters
>on generation of configurations, regardless of where it gets
>its data from.

Sorry, the only available technology today is heavily taxed
even w/o doing massive filtering.


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