Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Steven J. Richardson sjr at merit.edu
Thu Apr 20 02:45:02 UTC 1995

  > Date:  Tue, 18 Apr 1995 12:50:17 -0400
  > From:  Curtis Villamizar <curtis at ans.net>
  > To:    Hank Nussbacher <HANK at taunivm.tau.ac.il>
  > CC:    Curtis Villamizar <curtis at ans.net>, Peter Lothberg <roll at stupi.se>,
	   nanog at merit.edu

  > You might be better off directing a default route at your primary
  > provider, though aiming at 140.222 won't make much difference from a
  > distance in the topology.  We are aware of the widespread use of
  > 140.222 among smaller providers.  Unlike 129.40 (the former T1
					     I believe that this was 129.140.

  > backbone, later reassigned to IBM Kingston), 140.222 is not being
  > shutdown.

  > Curtis

  Steve R.

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