Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Vadim Antonov avg at sprint.net
Wed Apr 19 22:49:39 UTC 1995

Hank Nussbacher <HANK at taunivm.tau.ac.il> wrote:

>The e-mail interface
>of NACRs is close to uselessness, and too big headache to deal with.
>Waiting time on processing is simply ridiculous.

>I've been sending updates to auto-dbm at ripe.net for the past 2 years
>with no problem.

You don't have to keep a full-time engineer just to handle
NACRs, do you?

>There should be a host accepting telnet sessions for on-line
>updates (which have to be installed *immediately*, so whoever
>added a network can test connectivity and go ahead).

>telent info.ripe.net to test it out.

RIPE database does not control the actual routing.

I'm not sure the current RADB project has any mention
of real-time updates of gated from the database.
With dozens of updates we do every day it nearly as good
as useless.

>There should be well-defined and useful interface to service
>providers databases.
>It should be secure.

>I use a password on all AS updates to AS378.

You call *that* secure?  We have way too many people who
need to do changes for our AS-es.  Check the contact
list for AS1800.

> Without that i do not see RADB being successful or useful beyond the
> point of filtering updates from particularly obnoxious peers.

>It may not have everything we want today but it is an excellent starting

If i can't implement my existing policy, i cannot use RADB, ok?

(Well, we _will_ use it -- to talk to people whose announcements
are loaded with garbadge).  We simply cannot use it to talk
to major service providers because policies in place cannot
be represented in RIPE-81.


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