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Wed Apr 19 19:34:31 UTC 1995

FARNET (the Federation of American Research Networks) and CERT (Computer
Emergency Response Team) are sponsoring two tutorials on Internet Security.
 Both of these events will be held at the Radisson Hotel South and Plaza
Tower in Minneapolis, MN  55439. on May 10 and May 11.  Send information
request to seminars at

Wednesday, May 10
"Internet Security for Managers"

This tutorial helps managers understand what needs to be done to ensure
that their computer systems and networks are as securely managed as
possible when operating within the Internet community. Attendees are
provided with information that will enable them to formulate realistic
security policies, procedures, and programs specific to their operating

The tutorial addresses the following issues relevant to computer security
in the Internet community.

- Understanding and recognizing computer security threats
- Designing gateway solutions
- Developing security procedures
- Establishing security programs
- Understanding legal issues.


This seminar is designed for managers of computing centers/facilities,
individuals tasked to evaluate/initiate Internet connectivity, senior
system administrators, and others interested in computer security within
the Internet community.

Thursday, May 11 
Internet Security for UNIX System Administrators

The information presented in this tutorial is based on incidents reported
to the CERT Coordination Center. The topics covered include defensive and
offensive strategies for system administration, site-specific security
policies, and incident handling.

This tutorial addresses the following issues relevant to computer security
in the Internet community:

- Understanding today's security problems:  current Internet threats and
trends, review of packet sniffer activity, and overview of the potential
for real  losses.

- System administration strategies for securing systems:  systems and
service configurations, password management, and system administration
tools and techniques

- Network administration strategies for securing the perimeter:  design
considerations for firewalls, understanding and planning for network

- Incident Response:  how to prepare for and respond to security incidents
when they occur

- Site security policy:  the glue that holds everything together


This tutorial is designed for users and system administrators of hosts
using the UNIX Operating System.  It is especially suited for system
administrators of systems connected to a wide area network based on TCP/IP
such as the Internet. Some system administrator experience is assumed.

Martha Stone-Martin
Program Director
FARNET...."The Internet Builders"
(617) 273-5423
stonem at

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