Final transition steps

Elise Gerich epg at
Tue Apr 18 17:08:03 UTC 1995


Here is the list as we know it.

ENSS	Regional			Provider
128	BARRnet				networkMCI

129	NCSA				networkMCI
	CICnet				networkMCI
	MSC				Sprintlink
	UIRnet				CICnet
	UIUC				networkMCI

130	ARGONNE				ESnet
	CICnet				networkMCI

131	MichNet				networkMCI
	CICnet				networkMCI

132	PSCnet				networkMCI
	Prepnet				networkMCI

133	Cornell Theory Ctr.		NYSERnet
	NYSERnet			Sprintlink
	CA*net				networkMCI

134	NEARnet				networkMCI
	Alternet			Alternet

135	SDSC				CERFnet
	CERFnet				CERFnet
	CSUnet				networkMCI
	NOSC				?

136	SURAnet				networkMCI

137	GES/JvNCnet			networkMCI
	CA*net				networkMCI

138	SURAnet				networkMCI

139	Sesquinet			networkMCI
	THEnet				Sprintlink

140	MIDnet				networkMCI

141	NCAR				networkMCI
	Westnet				Sprintlink
	MexNet				Sprintlink
	LosAlamos			Sprintlink
	NIST				Sprintlink

142	Westnet				Sprintlink

143	NorthWestnet			networkMCI
	CA*net				networkMCI

146	DARPA				ANS


>Jeff Burgan writes:
> Just as a recap, would it be possible for Merit to put a list
> together of the regionals and who they transitioned (or will
> transition) their inter-regional traffic to. 
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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