Has PSI been assigned network 1?

Dave Morton Dave.Morton at ecrc.de
Tue Apr 18 07:45:09 UTC 1995

>>BTW- You might try a traceroute to an address in 140.222/16.  That's
>>the ANS backbone.  For example, traceroute would verify
>>that you could reach ANS NY POP.  Traceroute would give
>>you a !H as soon as you reach an ANS interface (look for t3.ans.net in
>>the DNS if the response is not from a 140.222 address).
>Will continue to work?  We 'ip default-network'
>and will have to change if this NSFnet backbone net ceases to exist.
>I would bet lots of smaller ISPs have this net out there in their
>routing tables as gateway of last resort.

Hank, why don't you just default to EBONE as we do ?


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