ENSS 130 retired

Priscilla Jane Huston phuston at nsf.gov
Wed Apr 5 13:42:41 UTC 1995

Again thanks to Argonne, the Merit team, and  many others for helping to
move the transition to completion.   Priscilla.

At 4:20 AM 4/5/95, Elise Gerich wrote:
>As of April 4, 1994, the NSFNET Backbone Service to Argonne
>and CICnet at Argonne, IL (ENSS 130) has been retired.
>The termination of service means that Argonne (683) is
>totally dependent on its new service provider.  CICnet
>(AS 1225) continues to have connectivity via the NSFNET
>Backbone Service at Ann Arbor, Michigan and Champaign, IL.
>We thank Argonne and CICnet for volunteering to terminate
>the NSFNET service at Argonne.
>    --Elise

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