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Mike Marcinkevicz mike_marcinkevicz at
Thu Sep 29 20:38:53 UTC 1994

congratulations on the progress!  This is very significant for California,
especially if waivers for educational inter-LATA access are allowed.


Mike Marcinkevicz
CSUnet Engineering

 ------ From: Frank Liu, Fri, Sep 23, 1994 ------ 

Pacific Bell NAP Status:

Pacific Bell is ready and has scheduled to turn up ANS/NSFNET and MCInet's
DS3 ATM NAP connections on 9/29/94 but the customers may choose to 
defer it because customers' sites for housing the routers may not be ready.

The DS3 circuit and ATM port are ready for the Route Server connection.
The turn up date can be within few days after PacBell receives the order. 


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