Sprint NAP Status

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ans.net
Tue Sep 27 18:32:40 UTC 1994

In message <199409251450.KAA02236 at faline.bellcore.com>, Liang T. Wu writes:
> We like Bill's suggested topics.   There are other issues such as RFC1323
> performance issues that ANS may have something to say.


Since you brought it up - it still would be nice if Bellcore brought some
equipment over and did some performance testing using long delay paths
and high utilizations before fully deploying the NAPs.

For a month now I've been hearing that we (Bellcore) should be ready
"some time next week".  That is the current status.

Some testing is better than none, so please bring what you have.
Looking forward to seeing you some time next week.


BTW - The last mention of this on the list was (Sep 2) in
<9409021856.AA06954 at wawa.ans.net>:

  While ANS doesn't have any magic, we do have a fair amount of
  operational experience with a large IP backbone and are as familiar as
  anyone with the requirements it places on the routers.  I do hope
  Bellcore chooses to take advantage of our offer to help test.

We had taken this off line as suggested in a prior message (Sep 1)
<9409011750.AA11176 at wawa.ans.net>:

  If you are interested we can take this discussion off line and work
  out the logistics.  It would be in the interest of a smooth transition
  to know what the limits are.  There may be cause for concern or no
  problem at all.

in reply to (Sep 1) <199409011631.MAA15030 at faline.bellcore.com>:

  We have done tests on two switches with various configurations - 10 
  sparcstaions, 3 7000's, AGS+, Kentrox, as well as other boxes for bridging
  protocol stacks.  We have not yet artificially insert 70 msec delay.  With
  your request, we will get on to that ASAP.  One question here:  since we
  are happy with what we found out so far in the lab it would be nice if
  we move the tests closer and closer to the real environment.  I heard you
  have a test network.  Can I connect my NAP prototype at Morristown NJ
  to your test network to study the effect of cross country delay?

but so far nothing has happenned.

In all fairness to Bellcore, they have been quite dilegently rounding
up equipment from Kentrox, Cisco, Fore, RFC1323 for Sun, etc.  The
message above may have left the impression that Bellcore was ready to
go whenever ANS was ready to host them, which was not quite the case.
This is just an FYI to those wondering whatever came of the
Bellcore/ANS discussion on this list and agreement to take things off
line and get some testing going.

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