Sprint NAP Status

Liang T. Wu ltwu at faline.bellcore.com
Sun Sep 25 14:50:40 UTC 1994

When we started last time trying to organize a NAP meeting, we quickly
realized that RA will do a better job than Bellcore in coordinating
among multiple (not necessarily communicating) awardees.  Indeed,
I am sure most people will agree they did a superb job in organizing
the premeeting, the agenda, as well as the entertainment (whirlly ball?)
Also our legal department was uneasy about us coordinating the meeting.
So, I would like to sencond Farooq's suggestion.

We like Bill's suggested topics.   There are other issues such as RFC1323
performance issues that ANS may have something to say.

We would be happy to help organize the meeting including supplying speakers,
suggest vendor names, and help making phone calls, etc.



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