Peer sessions changed and lose

Steven J. Richardson sjr at
Fri Sep 23 19:41:59 UTC 1994


  I'm a little perplexed; it seems that the outbound metric for our peering
with AS 2699 has been 127 since at least 24 May (when I switched to peering
directly with AS 2699, instead of the two fake ASs).

  I'm not aware of any change with the handling of the backbone route, and
the gated binaries on the machines in question have not changed (see below).

Steve W.:

  Do you know of any change which would have affected this?

  (The gated binaries on ENSSs 144 and 145 have not been changed in some
time, so...?)

  Is 2699 now beering with EBGP as well as EGP (are there new sessions)?


  Steve R.
  > Date:  Fri, 23 Sep 1994 15:01:19 EDT
  > From:  "Michael A. Patton" <MAP at BBN.COM>
  > To:    skw at, sjr at
  > CC:    nwg at, dsi-ops at, dsi-routing at

  > Steves: (I can never quite remember which of you is which :-)
  > Sometime during the night (I assume when the most recent update was
  > done), the NSFnet peer sessions with the DSI changed.  Specifically,
  > the metric for 140.222 is now 127.  This value prevents us from
  > readvertising that number to any of our customer sites.  Several of
  > them are multi-homed and use that advertisement in doing their default
  > route selection.  Since, for that reason, it only affects customers
  > who have alternate paths, it is not critical, but we would appreciate
  > if you could correct it at your earliest convenience.
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