Sprint NAP Status

Tim Streater t.c.streater at dante.org.uk
Fri Sep 23 18:48:46 UTC 1994

At 20:02 23/09/94, Farooq Hussain wrote:
>Sprint NY NAP Status
>At this time (9/23/94) Sprint's NAP is ready to accept customers. MCI and ANS
>are fully connected to the NAP and are ready exchange traffic with each other
>and other NSPs once appropriate peering agreements have been concluded.


Thanks for the update. One question I have about the NAPs is, is there
anything in the NAP setup/agreement/whatever that precludes an NSP, present
at the NAP, from accepting customer (i.e. *its* customers) connections to
its router at the NAP location. Stated another way, can an NSP present at
the NAP treat the NAP location as just another PoP?


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