Sprint NAP Status

Farooq Hussain farooq at hq.si.net
Fri Sep 23 19:02:46 UTC 1994

Sprint NY NAP Status

At this time (9/23/94) Sprint's NAP is ready to accept customers. MCI and ANS 
are fully connected to the NAP and are ready exchange traffic with each other 
and other NSPs once appropriate peering agreements have been concluded.

The SprintLink router is also connected to the NAP, and will be ready to
peer when the DS3 circuit to Washington DC or Chicago, or both are installed 
on Octber 15. SprintLink's existing T1 connections into Pennsauken, while 
insufficient to support NAP connectivity for an NSP, enable access to the NAP 
devices for remote configuration and monitoring.

CERFnet will be directly connected to the Sprint NAP via Sprint's ATM in the 
same timeframe.

Sprint's NAP is also ready to receive the Routing Arbiters route server which 
is anticpated to be installed by October 15 .

In addition to basic FDDI connectivity, we are working on a number
of important NAP issues such as integrated NAP network management, 
troubleshooting procedures and access to NAP facilities for maintenance.

Farooq Hussain

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