if the owner of MAE-EAST can drop me a note....

Sean Doran smd at tiny.sprintlink.net
Wed Sep 21 20:43:47 UTC 1994

In message <QQxiif23818.199409211525 at rodan.UU.NET>, "Louis A. Mamakos" writes:

| NAP, in my mind, implies a government designated facility of some
| sort.  I personally would like to keep that label off of MAE-East.  It
| might be useful in the future to have this private-sector "showcase"
| available to help combat stupid legislative attempts.  Again, that's
| my personal opinion, and may not even be shared by others here at
| UUNET/AlterNet

While I have no objection to naming MAE-EAST the D.C. NAP,
Louis does make an interesting argument, which, not long ago,
I would have found compelling.

Now I'm quite corrupted, and suggest perhaps we could compromise by
designating MAE-EAST as a private-sector, privately-run touchdown
point that the NSF considers "functionally equivalent to the D.C. NAP".

I also wouldn't mind anyone pointing out that MAE-EAST predates
the whole concept of NAPs by quite a bit, with conclusions to be
drawn by whoever cares to make them. 


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