if the owner of MAE-EAST can drop me a note....

Stephen Wolff steve at nsf.gov
Wed Sep 21 18:53:20 UTC 1994

> As a new member of the group I would agree with Mike. I like the fact 
> that there is no one owner at the MAE. He does have a suggestion inserted 
> in the reply.. A meeting. The technical people I have spoken with are top 
> shelf all the way. At MAE east you have some of the best talent 
> available. Together these people can solve problems. I for one would not 
> like to see the label "NAP" attached to MAE East. Customers have 
> expressed concern over this. All in all the thought of find a solution to 
> the NSF problem is something NET99 would support.

Probably don't even need a meeting.  Nobody speaks for the participants 
in MAE-East.  Nobody speaks for the customers of the DC NAP.  Looks like 
we just let 'em all alone to make whatever peering arrangements seem 
appropriate, trusting that a universally-shared belief is that greater 
connectivity is better than less (where "better" means "more pleasing to 
my customers").  -s

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