if the owner of MAE-EAST can drop me a note....

Mike O'Dell mo at uunet.uu.net
Wed Sep 21 13:26:09 UTC 1994


To borrow from the Bard, "Aye, that's the rub." 

MFS Datanet provides the service known as MAE-East to a group of
customers who created and define it by what they are willing
to pay for.  There is no single entity which "owns" it in any real sense.
MFS owns the facilities which provide the service, but MAE-East as a concept
is really more of a cooperative and there isn't any obvious "owner".

This is precisely why MFS got in seriously hot water with the MAE-East
customers when they wanted to rename MAE-East the DC NAP - MAE-East ain't
truly theirs to rename in a very real sense.

That's what make responding to your otherwise quite reasonable request
rather tricky, short of convening a MAE-East customer plenary, which MFS
*has* undertaken once before (when the group was rather smaller).

	-Mike O'Dell

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