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Tue Sep 13 16:39:10 UTC 1994

 asp at (Andrew Partan) writes:
  * > I tried to keep it clear, although it can be very confusing.  As a point
  * > of clarification, is the RIPE engine at mae-e a registry or server?
  * > (feel free to jump right in here martin/tony)
The machine on mae-east is a route server. It provides next_HOP for
all registered European networks. The only use operatioanlly is for
backup for NORDUNET with respect to providing next_hop
to ENSS 136 right now. Of course any one is free to make use of it. 
It is fully operational and currently peers with all Mae providers
(except Netcomm - only reason being didn't get done).
It is basically the "simple" RS. If you need more info on this lets
take it offline and send me mail direct rather than burden lists

  * Which RIPE engine?  I think that there may be two - a whois server
  * (which runs off of the RIPE database) and a route server.
THe Registry box we have in the US is not quite on the MAE (almost
though). It is on the visitor net at Alternet - one hop away I guess.
  * Both of these are actually applications of the registry - the whois
  * server is a way of querying the registry; the route server is a more
  * specialized application.
Right ,-)

  * [I think that the RIPE folks are off at a meeting this week...]

Yep at the RIPE meetiong in Portugal ;-)

  * 	--asp at (Andrew Partan)


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