bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Mon Sep 12 18:04:52 UTC 1994

>> Actually, I think the RA (in the context of coordinated routing registries 
>> and route servers) does provide a gain.  Virtually all the RIPE papers (ripe81
>> and derivitives) indicate that a common route registry will become a critical
>> component in the internet.  (RIPE has had a functioning RS @ mae-east for
>> a number of years now)  The use of such services has several advantages,
>> including reducing the number of peers that you MUST peer with. None of this
>> precludes your ability to set up as many bilateral arraingments as you as an
>> ISP, feel you need.  
> Please be careful about mixing route registries and route servers.  I
> think each serves different purposes & different arguements can be made
> for the usefulness of each.
> I presonally am not yet sure of the usefulness of route servers.
> However I do think that route registries are very useful.
> 	--asp at (Andrew Partan)

I tried to keep it clear, although it can be very confusing.  As a point
of clarification, is the RIPE engine at mae-e a registry or server?
(feel free to jump right in here martin/tony)


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