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Vince Fuller vaf at Valinor.BARRNET.NET
Thu Sep 8 22:59:16 UTC 1994

Got this a while ago but haven't had a chance to compose a reply. Needless to
say, I don't have the sort of time that would be required to assist someone
in designing the IP addressing for all of China. If anyone else wants to take
a crack, feel free...


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Subject: please help

Dear Mr. Fuller,

I'm Yang Jiahai, Dept. of Computer Science Tsinghua University. Now, you
know, we are planning and designing the CERNET(China Educational and 
Research NETwork). So we appreciate all sorts of information about Internet
and its Protocols, such as IP routing, IP addressing, addresses allocation,
etc. We, of course, can get some of the materials through Internet. But,
we think these materials are relatively older, and ,you know, the change
of Internet is so dynamic. So, I have to turn to you.

I read some RFCs co-writen by you, such as RFC1518/1519/1338, et al.
Now the urgent thing is that we need know how many numbers of class A,
class B and class C are assigned, and how many of them is still un-assigned
up to now(Aug 1994 or at least Jan 1994).

the second problem is, with CIDR, what routing protocols(including
inter-domain routing protocol and intra-domain routing protocol) can
work. It's said that BGP-V4 and OSPF will work respectively. But I need
some analyzing materials(not just their protocol standard docs., for
example, RFC1654 OR RFC1583) which describe them meeting the requirements
by CIDR.
the third problem is that, now, the Internet Registry(IR) has adopted
the IP address allocation plan with CIDR, I do need to know how can we
manage our IP address space within CERNET when there are multi-connections
from CERNET to ourside(maybe Internet backbone). I wonder whether it is
the just multi-homed problem. Maybe you can give me some ideas or help
me to search some materials.

Please help us, we and all Chinese will thank you.

Best wishes,

Yang Jiahai,

Yang Jiahai 	              |Email: yang at cernet.edu.cn
Dept. of Computer Science     |Phone: (0861) 2595822, 2595931
Tsinghua University	      |Fax: (0861) 2562403
Beijing, China,100084         |

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