Stephen Wolff steve at
Wed Sep 7 14:37:41 UTC 1994

> So long as ALL NSPs agree to peer at MAE-East then things should be OK, as no
> transit is needed because all the regionals are connected by their individual
> service provider. However there is no REQUIREMENT to peer. I am looking for
> NSF to make this a requirement (at least for a year or so) to ensure continued
> ubiquitous connectivity.

It **IS** a requirement of NSF - if you connect to any NAP, but not if 
you connect to MAE-East, the CIX, the GIX, the SWAB or the Dundalk 
Consolidated International Three Hundred Baud Interconnect (local reference).
The NSF-sponsored NAPs are the only places where we have the right to 
shape policy.


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