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Mon Sep 5 20:35:51 UTC 1994

Gordon Cook wrote ...

> Re the NAPs and connectivity.  Are there varying degrees of 
> problems?  What happens if Unipalm comes into MAE East and 
> peers with everyone there?  Including Sprintlink, MCInet, and 
> ANS?  Are we hearing that these three would refuse transit to 
> Unipalm's traffic that would need to go to NAPs in order to get 
> to the academic regionals?  If such an arrangement would not 
> guarantee Unipalm adequate connectivity, why not?  Where 
> would the failure points be and for what reasons?

So long as ALL NSPs agree to peer at MAE-East then things should be OK, as no
transit is needed because all the regionals are connected by their individual 
service provider. However there is no REQUIREMENT to peer. I am looking for 
NSF to make this a requirement (at least for a year or so) to ensure continued 
ubiquitous connectivity.

Alternately, the customers should require their NSPs to agree peering policies 
constant with this. Unfortunately, there is a danger that some NSP customers 
are niave and will assume  connectivity without contractual requirements.
> Are we hearing that to get carriage across Sprint, MCI and ANS 
> that Unipalm would have to connect to all 3 NAPs???  

I thought it was 5 NAPS!

> Why?  I 
> thought connecting to all 3 was necessary only where a net 
> wanted to be eligible for regional connectivity monies.
> UUNet and PSI will get traffic to all the regionals through MAE 
> East or CIX??
> Steve Goldstein's July 19th message to foreign nets (that I 
> understand drew an outstanding flame from Rick Adams) 
> cautioned foreign nets not to take their connectivity for 
> granted.  Well let me ask for example what a net like Demos 
> that comes from Moscow into Alternet will have to do to be 
> assured complete connectivity??  Which I guess is saying what 
> will Alternet have to do to guarantee Demos connectivity?
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Over in Europe we have already had examples of networks having difficulty in 
maintaining connectivity with large networks asking for 'contribution' towards 
their network from smaller networks. This is why I keep argueing. 

I also worry about how few networks are taking part in this discussion!


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