Peter S. Ford peter at
Mon Sep 5 22:58:02 UTC 1994

>>> I knew the truth about NAPS would come out.
>>> The idea is to squeeze out the small US players and force them to 
>>> pay the DS3 capable telcos for their access.
>>> Is this anti-competative or what!
>>> I'm glad I don't operate in the US


It was never the intent for the NAPs to cover all inter-connectivity
requirements.  When the NAPs were first being considered it was assumed
from day one that the CIX and other interconnects would continue to exist.
As such, there is not a requirement for "small US players" to directly
connect to a NAP.  Many have pointed out that there are alternate means
to get the connectivity they need, and alternatively it appears that
many of the NAPs offer lower than DS-3 speed connectivity.

Given your premises are not quite sound, it would appear that 
"Is this anti-competative or what!" can be answered to the 

cheers, peter

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