Gordon Cook cook at Mcs.Net
Mon Sep 5 14:14:24 UTC 1994

Re the NAPs and connectivity.  Are there varying degrees of 
problems?  What happens if Unipalm comes into MAE East and 
peers with everyone there?  Including Sprintlink, MCInet, and 
ANS?  Are we hearing that these three would refuse transit to 
Unipalm's traffic that would need to go to NAPs in order to get 
to the academic regionals?  If such an arrangement would not 
guarantee Unipalm adequate connectivity, why not?  Where 
would the failure points be and for what reasons?

Are we hearing that to get carriage across Sprint, MCI and ANS 
that Unipalm would have to connect to all 3 NAPs???  Why?  I 
thought connecting to all 3 was necessary only where a net 
wanted to be eligible for regional connectivity monies.

UUNet and PSI will get traffic to all the regionals through MAE 
East or CIX??

Steve Goldstein's July 19th message to foreign nets (that I 
understand drew an outstanding flame from Rick Adams) 
cautioned foreign nets not to take their connectivity for 
granted.  Well let me ask for example what a net like Demos 
that comes from Moscow into Alternet will have to do to be 
assured complete connectivity??  Which I guess is saying what 
will Alternet have to do to guarantee Demos connectivity?

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